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Doors Off Helicopter Experience in New York City

Doors Off Helicopter Experience in New York City

If you are looking to experience New York City in a fun and unique way, you have to add a helicopter tour to your bucket list! You get to see incredible views of the city in a whole new perspective. And to make your helicopter tour even more adventurous and thrilling – I recommend going with a doors off helicopter experience! There are a bunch of different companies who offer New York City helicopter tours. The one that I decided to book with was FlyNYON. I will be sharing all the details below on my tour and how you can have your own doors off helicopter experience in NYC!

FlyNYON Helicopter Tours

FlyNYON doors off helicopter experience in NYC

If you want to have a doors off helicopter experience, FlyNYON has the ultimate New York City helicopter tour. They operate year round and the flight begins out of a heliport in Kearny, NJ.

How Much is a FlyNYON Helicopter Tour

FlyNYON offers helicopter tours with the doors-off, doors-on, focus flights, and even private flights.

Doors OffDoors OnFocus FlightsPrivate Flights (Doors Off)
16 min – $15015 min – $113Thanksgiving Parade (30 min) – $23118 min – $1,079
30 min – $27428 min – $228New Years Eve Midnight (30 min) – $725

I purchased the 30 minute doors off helicopter experience and I think the longer flight is completely worth it, especially because it takes a few minutes to get from the heliport to New York City.

What should I wear for a Helicopter Tour in NYC?

FlyNYON doors off helicopter experience in NYC

Keep in mind that is super windy if you are doing a doors off helicopter tour. It is also windy as you are walking to your helicopter. I recommend wearing pants or shorts, a comfortable shirt and closed-toe shoes. If you are doing a tour in the winter, I would dress warm with layers since the wind will make it super chilly during the flight.

How to Prepare for Your FlyNYON Helicopter Tour

FlyNYON doors off helicopter experience in NYC

To prepare for your FlyNYON helicopter tour, please bring a valid photo ID and arrive to the terminal an hour and 15 minutes prior to your flight time. During this time, you will be provided preflight information, a safety briefing and fill out a waiver. Inside the building, you’ll also find a locker to store your valuables.

For the preflight information and safety briefing, you will be watching a safety video and get to know your harness. The instructor teaches you how to put your harness on and take it off in case of emergency.

Before you fly out, the pilot also gives you your seating assignment. They take six passengers per flight. It is calculated by the computer and based on the passengers’ weight so the helicopter is evenly distributed. This is the only downside of the experience since there is a risk you will be in the middle seat and not be able to let your feet hang out.

How to Take Photos on a Helicopter Tour of NYC

If you are wondering how you can take photos on your doors off helicopter tour, you can take photos on your phone or camera. If you are bringing a camera, you must have a strap. For your phone, FlyNYON will give you a special holder to put your phone in. You will have to remove your phone case and they tighten your phone to the holder. The holder is super secure!

The FlyNYON Experience

During my doors off helicopter experience in NYC, some of the things I got to see was the Statue of Liberty, Freedom Tower, Brooklyn Bridge, Empire State Building, Times Square and Central Park, and more! And the pilot was great because he would slow down above all the landmarks to give you an opportunity to get the perfect shot and appreciate the moment!

Is a Helicopter Ride in NYC Worth It

The FlyNYON doors off helicopter experience is 100% worth it! It’s not every day you get to see one of the world’s best cities from the sky. It’s an awesome experience and the views are absolutely breathtaking.

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