Winter to Spring Transition

Winter to Spring Transition

Even though snow is in the forecast and winter is not quite over, it is almost the first day of spring! I can’t wait until I can wear cute flowy dresses and chic light jackets. However, right now I have to deal with the unpredictability of this weather. One day it’s cold. Another day it’s warm. You never know what to wear! But using a few small tips, you can make transitioning from winter to spring very simple.

One transition tip is wearing layers. Adding layers to your outfit always keeps you prepared for unreliable weather. A second transition tip is getting rid of your tights and showing off your legs when you wear dresses and skirts. You can also start bringing out bright and colorful prints and patterns and incorporating it with winter colors such as adding a bright colored blouse with a sweater and matching scarf.

One of my favorite transition pieces is this navy floral print tunic dress from Shop Akira that I bought a few years ago. The dark navy tone and long sleeves make it work for winter, yet the floral patterns make this the perfect dress for an easily transitional piece to spring. I love the loose and flowy fit and deep v-neckline. For cooler days, I pair this dress with tights, booties, and a light jacket. My favorite jacket to pair it with is my fringe jacket since it makes the brown and beige colors of my dress pop and stand out. On warmer days, this dress would look perfect with cute wedges.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

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