Winter Layering Outfit Ideas – Flannel

Winter Layering Outfit Ideas – Flannel

During the winter, people are all about staying warm and bundled, but you don’t have to lose your sense of style in the process! By learning a few tips and tricks, it’s definitely possible to stay warm and stylish in the winter. Earlier this week, I mentioned that I wanted to share with you guys two winter layering outfit ideas. This post is all about my second outfit idea. Check out my first one here.

My second winter layering idea involves adding a flannel to your outfit. Flannels are so soft and comfy and they can add a pop of pattern to any outfit. You can start with the flannel as your base. If you are trying to stay super warm, you can even wear a long or short sleeve tee underneath the flannel. For the thicker layer, you can add an over-sized cardigan or a sweater to wear over it.

One of my favorite flannels is this black and white one from Forever 21. It is super soft! And the good news is that it’s back in stock for only $15! I also love that it’s not super long. It can go perfectly with high-waisted pants. My tip for layering flannel shirts is to choose one that is not too big or long. This will make the outfit too overwhelming if you are pairing it with a big cardigan or sweater. If you only have an over-sized flannel, you can just wear base layers underneath and make the flannel your outermost layer.

As the outermost layer, I decided to pair this flannel with my cropped grey sweater. I wanted the flannel to hang out at the bottom so the cropped sweater worked perfectly. I also let the flannel peak out at the collar and sleeves to make the sweater more interesting. Like the flannel, the sweater is also super soft and comfy. These two pieces added together make such a cute and preppy look. They also keep me super warm and cozy!

I paired these two items with my Charlotte Russe Refuge Skin Tight Legging Destroyed Jeans. These jeans are super stretchy and comfortable. They actually feel like you are wearing leggings, which I love. I also wore my new H&M black ankle boots. I was due for a new pair of black booties. And they are only $35!

I wanted to add a fun accessory to this outfit so I wore my pom pom earrings that I got from H&M for only $3! It was a such a good deal!

I hope you enjoyed my two posts on winter layering outfit ideas! Let me know what other ideas you guys are interested in hearing!



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