Mykonos Greece Travel Guide

Mykonos Greece Travel Guide

Mykonos was the first stop on our 10 day Greece Trip and it was so much fun! Whether you are there to party or to relax, it is a beautiful island to add to your Greece itinerary. Mykonos is a party town; there are a lot of bars and beach clubs, and they are known for their amazing beaches. And of course the water is absolutely beautiful. We stayed in Mykonos for two and a half days. Even though it seems super quick, we felt like we had enough time to see everything we wanted. In this Mykonos, Greece Travel Guide, I will be sharing how to get there, where to stay, restaurant recommendations and the best things to do!

How to Get to Mykonos

There are two ways you can get to Mykonos – plane or ferry.

We took a flight from New Jersey to Athens and then took a flight from Athens to Mykonos. The flight is only 35-50 min and it goes by so fast! We also arranged transportation beforehand so we were picked up at the Mykonos airport and taken to our hotel.

You can also take a ferry from Athens to Mykonos. It takes about 5-6 hours and it is a more affordable option. However, Carl and I chose to take a flight since we didn’t want to take up a lot of time traveling.

Where to Stay in Mykonos

When you are deciding where to stay in Mykonos, you can either stay by the beaches or in Mykonos town.

Since we went at the end of April, the water was too cold to swim in so we decided to stay in Mykonos town. Mykonos town is where you can find all the restaurants, bars, and cafes. They have the cute blue and white alleyways. I loved that we decided to stay in Mykonos town. It is the absolute cutest and I loved walking around.

We stayed at Semeli Hotel. The hotel was so nice. They had a pool, a smaller heated pool, and a hot tub. It also had a pool bar and a restaurant. They served a complimentary breakfast buffet. They had the cutest decor in the restaurant and breakfast patio. It was only a 10 min walk to town so it was super convenient. I loved our hotel location.

The only thing is that our hotel room was super tiny. We booked the Superior Double Room and it didn’t really look like the photos on the website. But honestly it didn’t matter because we were never in our hotel room.

This was taken during breakfast at the Semeli Hotel

Outfit Details: Sunhat (similar), Sunglasses, Necklace, Yellow Polka Dot Dress

Where to Eat in Mykonos

Mykonos is filled with so many great restaurants. Every meal we had was absolutely delicious! These are the different restaurants we went to:

Thioni Restaurant – This was the restaurant within our hotel. We had dinner here on our first night in Mykonos. We split a bunch of appetizers and they were amazing. The shrimp and octopus were delicious.

Nammos – The first beach we explored was Psarou Beach. We were starving for lunch so we picked a restaurant close by and we stumbled upon this one. We were so glad we did because it was so good! It was a bit pricey but the food was amazing! We tried grilled squid stuffed with peppers and cheese and the grilled octopus over mashed fava beans. Yum!

Yialo Yialo – This restaurant is near Platys Gialos beach. The seafood is fresh. We ordered grilled shrimp and sea bass. They de-bone the fish right in front of you – which is so nice!

Niko’s Taverna – This restaurant is in the middle of Mykonos town and was recommended by our cab driver. It is great traditional Greek food that is super affordable!

Nice N Easy – This restaurant is in Little Venice in Mykonos town. Make a reservation by 7 and get a table right by the water. It is the perfect place to watch the sunset. They have great seafood. Their fried calamari was the best I ever had!

Watching the sunset and eating dinner at Nice N Easy in Little Venice, Mykonos

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What to Do in Mykonos

Walk around Mykonos Town

Exploring Mykonos Town was so much fun! I loved walking through the alleyways and seeing all the blue and white. You can walk around and visit the different shops, hang out at a cafe, or get ice cream or a smoothie. There are endless restaurants and bars. The alleyways make a great Instagram spot for photos. I recommend going early so there are no people in your pictures. We went at 7am and the streets were empty!

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Outfit Details: Sunhat (similar), Sunglasses, Blue Dress, White Sneakers, Necklace

Panachra Church

Outfit Details: Sunhat (similar), Sunglasses, Blue Dress, White Sneakers, Straw Bag

Relax on the Beach

There are so many beaches in Mykonos! We went to Psarou, Platys Gialos, and Ornos beach. Every beach has a different vibe. You can find everything from a party scene to family-friendly. Rather than bringing a towel and laying it down on the sand, the beach-side restaurants have tons of sunbeds with an umbrella. Since we went before May 1st, we were able to get a sunbed for free. Each group of sunbeds are affiliated with a designated restaurant so there would be servers walking around to order food, drinks, and dessert – and you eat and drink right on the beach! The water was too cold to swim in, but it was nice and relaxing to lay on the sunbeds.

Go to a Beach Club

If you are going in the summer, definitely go check out a beach club. Since parties usually start in the middle of May, there weren’t much parties going on when we there. I heard Scorpios was a fun beach club. My friends went for dinner and they said it turned into a party afterwards and they have great music. They highly recommended it!

Outfit Details: Blue Swimsuit (similar), Sunhat (similar), Sunglasses, Necklace, Sheer Top
Relaxing by the sunbeds in Platys Gialos Beach (Left) and Ornos Beach (Right)

Outfit Details: Blue Swimsuit (similar), Sunhat (similar), Sunglasses, Black Swimsuit (top and bottom), Necklace
Hanging out in Platys Gialos Beach

Oufit Details: White Cover-up, Blue Swimsuit (similar), Sunhat (similar), Sunglasses, Necklace

Visit Little Venice

Little Venice is a part of Mykonos that is right by the water. It is called Little Venice because it reminds you of Venice in Italy! They have cute little shops and a bunch of restaurants. You definitely have to eat dinner in this area so you can watch the sunset. It is such a beautiful sunset on the water.

Visit the Windmills

There are old-fashioned windmills near Little Venice and they make another great photo spot. We went early in the morning to take photos, but this also makes another great place to watch the sunset in Mykonos.

Outfit Details: Sunhat (similar), Sunglasses, Necklace, Yellow Polka Dot Dress

How to Get Around Mykonos

Since we stayed in Mykonos town, we usually walked into town to explore. The beaches were a twenty minute car ride away so we mostly asked the hotel to call us a cab to take us to the beach.

On our first day, we saw that the beach was an hour away to walk. We decided to walk to see scenery, but we had to walk through busy roads and there wasn’t much to see. So if you are staying in Mykonos Town, definitely don’t walk to the beach (especially in flip flops like we did! That was not a good idea lol).

Cabs are a flat rate. We realized that no matter how far we were going, cabs were always either 15 or 20 Euro. There is also a bus system in Mykonos, but we never tried it so I’m not too sure how it works, but that would be a more affordable option.

What to Wear in Mykonos

We went to Mykonos at the end of April. It was 65 degrees during the day, but the sun made it feel like it was 80 degrees. I wore dresses and skirts during the day. It was chilly early in the morning and at night so I always carried a jean jacket or sweater to wear over my dress or skirt.

On our beach days, I wore a swimsuit with a cover-up or jean shorts. It was warm enough to lay out on a sunbed with your swimsuit, but too cold to swim in the water (unless you don’t mind cold water! – some people went in, but I’m a baby when it comes to cold water haha).

At night, I would wear jeans and a cute blouse with a sweater. Most of the streets are cobble stone, so definitely pack comfortable shoes. I didn’t bring heels on my trip. I just packed a comfortable pair of sandals, white sneakers, and flip flops.

In the summer it gets super hot so I would pack light, flowy dresses, rompers, and shorts. If you want to match the scenery, pack a lot of blue and white! I also recommend packing a sunhat and sunglasses since the sun can get really strong.

Random Tips

  • Don’t forget to pack sunscreen! Like I said before, the sun is really strong.
  • You can’t drink the water in Mykonos so I recommend buying water bottles at a grocery store. They are so much cheaper at the store, rather than buying a bottle at a restaurant.
  • If you are going during the summer, it gets super busy so make sure you make dinner reservations ahead of time and get to the beach early to get a sunbed.
  • Bring cash. Most restaurants and shops accept credit cards, but cab drivers only accept cash.

You can find out more about my trip by checking out my “Greece” Insta-story that is saved on my highlights!

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