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The LadyBossBlogger Course is an Informative and Easy To Understand Course for Bloggers

The LadyBossBlogger Course is an Informative and Easy To Understand Course for Bloggers

As a blogger, you are constantly finding ways to improve. There is always more to learn and opportunities to grow. My goal has been to invest more in my blog so I decided to sign up for the LadyBossBloggerHow To Make Money As An Instagram Influencer” course, created by influencer Elaine Rau. It’s only been a week since starting the course and I’ve already learned so much!

Course Breakdown

The course consists of seven sections. The Introduction gives a course overview and how you can stand out as an influencer with some great tips. The Branding section goes into how you can build and design your brand. The Content section gives tips on how to captivate your audience with the content you create. The Pitching section helps you create a media kit and craft the perfect brand collaboration pitch. The Brands section shows you how you can find companies to work with. The Money section goes into how you can price yourself reasonably and earn income. The Legal section discusses FTC laws, setting up a business entity, and how to prepare your taxes as an influencer. And there are also bonus sections!
LadyBossBlogger did a great job in organizing this course in a way that is super informative and easy to understand. It is perfect for bloggers who are just starting out and bloggers like me who have been blogging for a couple years.

What I Have Learned

This course is filled with so much valuable information. One of the most helpful tips I learned is about earning income from my blog. Even though I have worked with brands and earned some money, my goal has been to create a steady income from blogging. LadyBossBlogger talks about all the different revenue streams you can use to earn income. I can’t wait to start implementing her tips on my blog!

I also learned some amazing content hacks, the importance of content marketing, and companies that are in my niche that are looking to work with bloggers like me.

Promo Code

If you would like to try this course, you can get 40% off by using my coupon code “DEANNALUIS”.

Giveaway Details

I’m so excited to be partnering with LadyBossBlogger and we are hosting a fun giveaway! Head to my Instagram @everything.dee and follow the steps below:

The contest will run from June 8 until June 22. Make sure you stay tuned as I announce the giveaway winner in my next blog post with LadyBossBlogger.

Additional Resources

If you’re interested in exploring more of what LadyBossBlogger has to offer, check out these FREE additional resources below!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to me. I would love to share my experience and my LadyBossBlogger course results with you!

Thank you LadyBossBlogger + Elaine Rau for sponsoring this post.

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