Sweaters and Skirts

Sweaters and Skirts

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and weekend! I ran my first 5k Turkey Trot, which was a lot of fun. It was a nice excuse to eat a lot! It was great spending time with my friends and family. It went by way too fast though. The first few days of going back to work are always a struggle after a long weekend.

When the weather is cold, I always tend to wear outfits that consist of big comfy sweaters. Big comfy sweaters seem to represent a more casual look, but that is not true at all! You can still look dressed up wearing an oversized sweater by adding the right pieces to an outfit.

One of my favorite looks is wearing an oversized sweater with a tight skirt. And of course you can’t forget the heels! Big sweaters hide your figure so the tight skirt balances that out since it shows off your shape. Adding a cute skirt and heels gives the outfit a more girly and classy look. I put this outfit together with items I bought last winter. This is one of my favorite skirts I have and I love creating new outfits with it from different pieces I have in my closet. I also love that the skirt has lace details. It is such a nice addition to the material. These two items put together make the perfect combination for an easy and elegant look.

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