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Sweater Dress + How to Use Pinterest for Your Blog

Sweater Dress + How to Use Pinterest for Your Blog

how to use pinterest for your blog

how to use pinterest for your blog

how to use pinterest for your blog

how to use pinterest for your blog

When I started blogging, I focused a lot on Instagram. I used Facebook now and then, but Instagram was my main focus. I didn’t even think to use Pinterest. And you guys – Pinterest is where it’s at! If you guys aren’t using Pinterest, you should start now! It’s helped me so much with driving traffic to my blog. Most of my traffic comes from Pinterest.  I thought it would be helpful to share a blog post on how to use Pinterest for your blog and how I was able to get over 100k views on Pinterest.

When you think of Pinterest, you can’t look at it like a social media platform. It is more of a search engine like Google so it’s a perfect opportunity to share your blog post and photos on there. To be honest, I never used Pinterest that often. I would mostly just use it to look up cool recipes LOL. But – you can use Pinterest to search anything! It took me a while to figure it out, but once I got the hang of it, my views on Pinterest really started to grow.

I started using Pinterest last August. From August to November, my views on Pinterest went from 2,000 views to 512,000 views!! The craziness of the holidays got the best of me so right now I’m at 200,000 views and I’m trying to work my way up again to 500k.

how to use pinterest for your blog

My first tip for getting started on Pinterest is to create a business profile. It’s absolutely free and creating a business profile gives you access to analytics, which is super important to look at. It also gives you the ability to claim your website. This ensures that your name and profile picture will appear on every pin with your content.

Next tip is to create visual worthy pins. People repin photos that are good quality and look nice. This helps you get saves and clicks to your blog! This is something I’m still working on improving too. Also, the caption you write on each pin is super important. Pinterest is all about SEO so you want your caption to have words that people are searching for! Examples can be “Spring Outfit Ideas” or “How to Style OTK Boots.” You want your pin to pop up when people are searching for specific things so be as detailed as possible on your captions.

Join group boards! A group board is just like a regular board except that the owner can invite others to pin on their board. This helps your pins get exposure to more people. Find group boards similar to your niche and reach out to the owner to request to join and collaborate on their group board.

Another tip is to pin consistently. There is no exact answer as to how many times a day you should pin since it is different for each account, but I would start by pinning like 10 times a day and then go from there. But I wouldn’t pin more than 50 times a day. I have been pinning about 20-30 times per day and that seems to be working for my account.

Pinning consistently everyday is super time consuming, especially when you also need to engage on Instagram, write blog posts, while having a full time job. There are not enough hours in a day! That’s why Tailwind is going to be your best friend when it comes to Pinterest.

Tailwind is a scheduler where you can manage and schedule your pins in advanced. And what’s great is it schedules your pins at the best time where you have the most activity on Pinterest. It took me a while to get the hang of it, but once you get the hang of it, it is the best thing ever. It saves so much time! I like to spend an hour or two at the beginning of the month and I schedule pins for the rest of the month. It’s awesome not to have to worry about pinning everyday and just knowing that you are still getting clicks and repins on your posts. I also like to do a mix. I pin 80% of my photos and 20% of other people’s content. You can try Tailwind free for a month by clicking my referral link here!

I still have a lot to learn with Pinterest, but I thought sharing what I learned the last couple months would be helpful to someone just starting. Let me know if you have any questions and if you would like me to write more posts on blogging tips 🙂

This sweater dress is actually a tunic sweater that I got from H&M. Since it fits long on me, I thought it would be perfect to style as a dress. It’s super comfy and I love pairing it with OTK boots.


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