Oversized Plaid Shirts

Oversized Plaid Shirts

Most of the time, I like to dress up and wear cute and flirty clothes. However, there are some days where I just want to dress super comfy in a laid back outfit. One of my favorite types of laid back outfits is an oversized plaid shirt with leggings.

Leggings are my favorite thing to wear in the cooler months. I have so many pairs of black leggings…I basically live in them. I buy all my leggings at Garage. I love that they are made out of a thicker material and not see-through so they can be worn casually as pants. They are my favorite especially since you can buy them for only $18! I also love that Garage always does a “buy one, get one 50%.”

I bought this oversized loose fitting plaid shirt from Urban Outfitters. I really like that this shirt is different compared to normal button down plaid shirts since it has the knot in the front and is long in the back. It creates a more edgy and hipster look. This is always my go-to choice when I am looking for a quick and easy outfit that is super comfortable and casual. I paired this outfit with my Dr. Martens look-a-like boots that I got from Love Culture, which I think is the perfect addition to this outfit since it complements the edgy look.

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