My Favorite Hair Products

My Favorite Hair Products

I have received a bunch of requests for me to share the hair products that I use so I thought it would be helpful to share my hair routine and all my favorite hair products in a blog post. I also want to mention that this post is not sponsored in any way and these are genuinely the hair products that I use all the time.

My hair is naturally wavy/curly and it used to be super dry and frizzy. Now lets be honest, my hair is still kinda frizzy but it is wayyyy better than it used to be years ago! I was that girl in high school who would put on tons of mousse and top it off with gel every day to have that scrunchy wet hair look. I mean it was the style, but what was I thinking???? LOL  – now I take way better care of my hair and pay attention to the ingredients that are in my hair products.


I like to wash my hair once or twice a week. I used to wash my hair everyday, but it’s actually not good to wash it everyday since it strips your hair from natural oils. Also, this might be something you already know, but when you apply shampoo, you should only massage your scalp. You don’t need to shampoo your ends since it dries them out. That was a tip I learned from my hair dresser a few years ago. The shampoo I’m currently using is the Caviar Anti-Aging Replenishing Moisture Shampoo. I know it’s a little pricey, but this has worked wonders for my hair. My hair feels more healthy and shiny since I’ve started using it.


When I condition my hair, I only apply it to the bottom half of my hair. You shouldn’t apply it to your roots since it can cause you hair to become too oily. I also like to let it sit for a few minutes before I rinse. The conditioner I’m using is the Caviar Anti-Aging Replenishing Moisture Conditioner.


Once a week, I like to use a deep conditioning hair repair masque. I leave it on for 7-10 minutes so usually I put it on and then wash my body, shave, etc, while it sits in my hair. After you rinse, your hair feels so soft! I’ve been using the Macadamia Natural Oil Deep Repair Masque for years and I love it!


When I get out of the shower and comb my hair, I apply this Macadamia Natural Oil Nourishin Leave In Cream. This is another product that I’ve been using for years. I like to air dry my hair (two reasons: one – I don’t like applying too much heat to my hair and two – I still don’t know how to blow out my hair with a blowdryer without it becoming puffy haha). This product stops my hair from becoming frizzy and it helps it stay soft and shiny. If I’m not going anywhere, I usually just apply this to my hair and let it dry to its natural waves. If I’m using a curling wand, I like to wash my hair at night with this product in my hair and then I curl it in the morning.


When I wake up in the morning after I washed it the night before, I brush it and get ready to curl it with my curling wand. Before I curl it, I apply the Alterna Caviar Perfect Iron Spray. It is super important to use heat protectant before you use any heat on your hair. I used to straighten and curl my hair without it and my hair would just be rough and smell so burned. And lets not even talk about what it did to my ends. It was bad lol. After using this product, my hair has stayed healthy and my ends aren’t fried at all.


Okay, so before I talk about my curling wand, I just wanted to say that I literally only learned how to use one like a year ago. I always loved those soft wavy curls, but I could never figure out how to do it! I was also super paranoid that I would burn my fingers lol. So I told myself, enough was enough, I’m going to figure out how to use a curling wand if it’s the last thing I do! I bought an affordable curling wand with good reviews on Amazon and kept practicing and I finally got the hang of it. I’m still not perfect, but if I can learn, you can too! The curling wand I started with was the Bed Head Curlipops Curling Wand for Loose Curls, 1″. It’s only $16 and I think it works really well. The only thing I don’t like is that it doesn’t have different heat settings. It is only one temperature.

I told myself once I got the hang of curling my hair, I would splurge on a really nice curling wand. I’ve been eyeing those T3 Micro Wands forever, but I told myself I wouldn’t spend the money unless I knew I was going to curl my hair all the time and make it worth it. I ended up getting it for myself this year and I LOVE IT. I got the T3 Whirl Convertible Curling Iron. I like that this one makes your hair curlier towards the ends. I also like that the wand is interchangeable so you can buy one of their different size wands and just attach it to the one you currently have. I think this one is definitely worth the price. It has different heat settings, it keeps your hair smooth, and my curls last way longer. I usually only curl my hair once (sometimes twice) a week and I usually never have to touch it up.


After I finish curling my hair, I like to apply this Living Proof Nourishing Oil. I put 1-2 pumps on my hand and I like to apply it towards the bottom half of my hair, focusing on the ends. This helps keep my hair smooth, shiny, and frizz free.


I don’t use hairspray that often, but when I do, I like to use TRESemme Tres Two Extra Firm Control Hair Spray. I’ve literally been using this hairspray since high school.


Okay guys – if you haven’t jumped on the Living Proof Dry Shampoo train, then you need to get on it! I’ve tried many dry shampoos, and this by far beats them all. This is the reason I can go a week without washing my hair. It keeps your hair looking fresh and clean. Before I go to the gym, I like to spray it on and my hair doesn’t look sweaty at all after my workout. I like to spray it right on top of my hair, in the back, and on the sides. I let it sit 30 seconds and then I massage my hair thoroughly. Sometimes if you spray too close to your head, it leaves a grey residue, but that easily goes away after you massage your head. I literally love this product so much. I am constantly having to buy more since I use it so much!


When it’s been a couple days after I curled my hair, sometimes my curls aren’t as volumized as it was the first day. I like to use this Multi Tasking Style to freshen up my curls. I put like a pea size on my hand and then scrunch my hair with it. This freshens up my curls and adds some volume.


I was recently introduced to this product and I’m obsessed. I don’t like when my hair is flat on top. I like big volumized hair LOL. This Oribe Swept Up Volume Powder Spray creates so much volume. You spray it under your roots and it literally lifts up your hair. It’s a small bottle, but you only need a little bit at a time. This product is also great to use if you are putting your hair up and don’t want your hair stuck to your head.


Last, but not least, I want to talk about this Living Proof Curl Defining Styling Cream. If I don’t feel like curling my hair with the wand, I like to put this in my hair and blow dry my hair with a diffuser to show my natural curls. I always use this in the summer because the curling wand and summer humidity do not work with my hair haha.

Whew – that was a long post. If you’ve made it this far, thank you for reading! I hope you found this post helpful. I linked all the hair products below. Let me know if you have any questions about any of these products and if you want me to do a video tutorial showing you how to use them. I’d love to hear your feedback 🙂



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