My Favorite Affordable and Fun Earrings

My Favorite Affordable and Fun Earrings

SugarFix Earring

If you know me, you know I love a good statement earring. Colorful, fun, trendy earrings make me so happy. Statement earrings glam up any simple outfit. My collection of earrings have grown so much over the past few months and believe it or not, I have not spent more than $20 on a single pair of earrings. Isn’t that amazing?! I’m obsessed with my collection and I wanted to share with you guys on where you can get such great affordable earrings.

I’m assuming most of you know about BaubleBar. BaubleBar sells fun and trendy accessories. I love all of their earrings. However, even though they are affordable for the pieces that they sell, it is still at a high price point for me. It’s hard for me to spend $30-$50 on a pair of cute earrings, especially when I want like so many of them! I was excited to find out that BaubleBar has another brand of jewelry called SugarFix, which is a brand exclusively found at Target. Their average piece of jewelry is only $14.99!

They don’t have the exact same jewelry as BaubleBar, but they are very similiar and just as cute! All of the earrings I’ve bought have been $12.99. They release new selections every month so it’s exciting to see all the new styles that come out. I’m loving the tassel earring trend! I also try to get different colors so they can pop with my outfit.

I posted three different earrings I’ve bought from SugarFix to show you how I paired it with an outfit. These earrings are no longer in stock, but I linked my favorite ones that I have sitting in my cart. I’m currently debating if I should take some out or just order them all! Haha!


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