Iceland Trip – Ice Caves

Iceland Trip – Ice Caves

One of the things we wanted to see in Iceland was their famous ice caves. When we were booking excursions for our trip, one of the issues we were having was finding a tour guide that was for only one day and would pick us up from Reykjavik . We found this out the hard way by booking a 9 am tour and then discovering that the meet-up location was five hours away! Oooops haha! Thankfully, we were able to get a refund.

Then, I finally found a one day express ice cave tour that picked you up from Reykjavik. I booked it with Goecco Eco Tours. This tour is a jam packed 18 hour winter adventure. It begins at 7:15am and includes so many stops on the way to the grand blue ice caves of Vatnajokull. The stops include the Skogafoss Waterfall, Reynisfjara black beach and basalt columns, Glacier Lagoon, Crystal Beach, Ice Caving, and the Seljalandsfoss Waterfall. We had an awesome and funny tour guide named Biggi, who would teach us about the history of Iceland between stops.

When they said express tour, they literally meant express. For each stop, we would have a limited time. We would get out of the bus, snap a few pictures, take a bathroom break, and then get back on the bus to the next stop. The first stop was the Skogafoss Waterfall. It was such a beautiful waterfall. If it is a clear sunny day, sometimes you can even see a rainbow. Unfortunately, it was a snowy rainy day during our tour. But the white grayish skies added a more winter wonderland effect.

The second stop on our tour was the Reynisfjara black beach and basalt columns. I was excited for this stop because I have always wanted to go to a black sand beach. It was freezing and raining a lot during this time of the tour so I got soaked, but I was able to dry up quickly since I had a waterproof coat and snow pants. It was such an amazing view to see the small black pebbles and strong powerful waves. It also has a cool pyramid shaped cliff and small cave of basalt columns.

The next stop of the express tour is Jökulsárlón, also known as Glacier Lagoon. The blue waters are filled with a bunch of icebergs. This lagoon flows through a waterway into the Atlantic Ocean, which leads chunks of ice on a black sand beach called Crystal Beach. It’s also known as Diamond Beach because it literally looks like diamonds are covering the beach. It’s pretty cool to visit a beach, which is usually thought as a summer destination, to be covered in ice and snow.

Then, it was time for the most exciting part of the trip – the ice caves! To get to the ice cave consists of a super bumpy ride! We had to get into this truck with huge 4×4 wheels and drive through rocks, ice, and snow. It felt like a roller coaster! Once we got to the entrance of the cave, we had to put on a helmet and ice spikes on our boots so we wouldn’t slip. When we entered the cave, it was such a magical experience. It felt like you were under a frozen ocean surrounded by so many shades of blue. I even got to try melting glacier water from the cave. It was the purest and best water I have ever drank in my life! It was such an awesome experience.

The final stop of our tour was the Seljalandsfoss Waterfall. By this time on our tour, it was late at night so I didn’t get to take cool photos of the waterfall, but it was an amazing sight to see a waterfall at night time.

This was such an epic way to end the trip. We were so lucky that we got to see a whole bunch of beautiful spots in Iceland in one day. Traveling makes you really appreciate the magnificent world we live in and I’m so grateful that I get the opportunity to travel as much as I do with great friends.

Also, I’d like to give a shout out to my friend, Arielle, who is a great photographer and took these awesome ice cave photos. Check out her instagram page @photosbyarielle.

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