Iceland Trip – Blue Lagoon & Horses

Iceland Trip – Blue Lagoon & Horses

The Blue Lagoon is one of Iceland’s most main attractions. It is only twenty minutes away from the airport so I definitely recommend this being your first or last stop of Iceland. Although most people don’t know this, the Blue Lagoon is actually man-made. When the geothermal power station Svartsengi was built, it created excess water. However, this water is heated from Iceland’s volcanic landscape. So technically you can still consider the Blue Lagoon somewhat of a natural phenomenon.

The geothermal water contains three active ingredients – silica, algae, and minerals. It has a really good effect on your skin. It’s also interesting to know that the water is not blue. It is actually white. The blue color comes from the sun reflecting on the silica.

Since the Blue Lagoon gets crowded, I recommend buying your tickets ahead of time. I bought the Comfort Package. This comes with a towel, first drink of choice, and a silica or algae mask. Before you enter Blue Lagoon, you are required to shower. It is recommended to put their special conditioner in your hair so the water doesn’t dry out your hair. There is also two ways of entering the water. You can go outside or go in the water starting from inside the building. The water is so warm! The average temperature of the water is 100 degrees which is amazing! It was such a nice and relaxing experience.

Another thing we had to see in Iceland was their majestic Icelandic horses. They can be found everywhere along the highway. We visited a nearby horse farm in Reykjavik and saw them. They were so friendly and would come right up to you and say hi! They are so cute!

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