Iceland Trip – Reykjavik

Iceland Trip – Reykjavik

Every time a traveling opportunity arises, I always say yes. So when my friend asks me if I want to go to Iceland with her, I’m all for it! There’s a lot of countries on my list to visit, but honestly, Iceland was never on it. I’m the type of person who hates the cold so I never imagined myself visiting a winter destination. But Iceland has become one of my top favorite countries. It was the experience of a lifetime.

Originally, we planned on going for five days, but since New Jersey had a huge blizzard the day of our flight, we were so lucky that we were able to move our flight a day early! We got to spend an extra day exploring the cute city of Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland. It is such an artistic and cultural city filled with colorful buildings and fascinating street art. It has so much character! Everywhere in Reykjavik is walking distance and you will find yourself passing so many unique cafes, shopping boutiques, and cute restaurants. I do recommend booking a free walking tour of Reykjavik. It is a two hour tour led by an informative and funny tour guide who teaches you about the history of Reykjavik.

One of Reykjavik’s cool cafes was called the Laundromat Cafe. It is a cafe surrounded by books, maps, and quirky funny quotes such as “Go ahead and breastfeed, we like both babies and boobs!” It also has an actual laundromat downstairs so you can eat breakfast and drink coffee, while you are wait for your clothes to dry. Another cool hipster cafe is Cafe Babalu. It’s hard to miss it as it is an orange building with a bright blue door. This cafe is decorated with cool antiques, pictures, and comfy couches. The funniest surprise is when you go to the bathroom, you are surprised with loud Star Wars themed music and surrounded by Star Wars wallpaper characters – so obviously you have to take a bathroom selfie!

Reykjavik also has so many different types of food, but take note that everything is pretty pricey. You can find Italian, Thai, American, and of course Nordic cuisine. I’m not very adventurous when it comes to food, so I didn’t get to try their horse steak, whale, puffin or fermented shark. But the one thing I did try is Iceland’s famous pylsa hot dog! They have a different flavor than American hot dogs since they are made from Icelandic lamb. The most popular place to get one is at Bæjarins Beztu Pylsur. They serve it with ketchup, a sweet brown mustard, raw onions, fried onions, and a parsley remoulade. It was actually pretty good.

I also love that Reykjavik is surrounded by amazing views. You can see pretty sea views and amazing mountain tops. The best view is seeing all the colorful houses of Reykjavik. You can visit the Hallgrímskirkja Church and take an elevator all the way to the top and see such an awesome view of the city.

You can absolutely say that I have easily fallen in love with the city of Reykjavik.

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