How to Use Like to Know It to Shop My Posts

How to Use Like to Know It to Shop My Posts

If you follow me on Instagram, you know I am always talking about Like to Know It. I’ve explained it a few times in my captions, but I thought it would be helpful to write a blog post to explain what is Reward Style and how to use Like to Know It to shop my posts.

Reward Style is an invitation-only affiliate program for bloggers and influencers that enable them to receive commission and monetize products that they love and share on their platforms. They can share anything from fashion, beauty, and lifestyle products. This program allows bloggers to create “shoppable” links for their followers and readers.  That’s where Like To Know It comes in.

Like to Know It is a social media based shopping service that is part of Reward Style. It allows followers to purchase whatever the influencer is wearing in the photo. So if you are scrolling through Instagram and think “OMG I love her outfit – where did she get it from?” – Like To Know It shows you all the items that the blogger is wearing with links to the store website that they were purchased from. It allows you to buy the items you see in just a few clicks. It’s such a great tool for both bloggers and non-bloggers!

Like to Know It is a free app that you can download and it is so easy to use. When you go to the app store, it looks like this:

Once you download the app, register and create an account. Then, you can start to screenshot any photo you see on Instagram that includes a Like to Know It link in the caption. After you screenshot a photo, the app will alert you once the links are available in the app. It’s usually only a few minutes.

You can also use the app by searching for bloggers or influencers through the search bar. This will take you to their individual page where you can view all the Like to Know it posts by that particular blogger.

You can follow me at “everything.dee” on Like to Know It!

When you use a blogger’s link, they make a commission (usually 5-15%) from items sold through the affiliate link. This is no extra cost to you! You pay the same exact amount, but the brand gives the blogger a small percentage of the order. We also can’t see who purchased what. All we see is how many people clicked on their link and what the total commission is.

This app is really easy to use and it’s a game changer when it comes to shopping. You can find all your favorite items with just a few clicks!

So if you saw this photo and really wanted to see where I got the skirt from, you can either screenshot the photo from Instagram or search for me on Like to Know It to go to my profile. From my profile, you can click on any photo to see the outfit details.

Under “Shop the Pic,” you can click each item to shop. See! Super easy!

Now – let’s say if you’ve read this entire post and you still don’t want to download the app – you can still shop my outfits! You can see all my shoppable posts in my “Shop My Instagram” page or in the widgets at the bottom of each blog post.


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