How to Plan a Little Cutie on the Way Baby Shower

How to Plan a Little Cutie on the Way Baby Shower

If you are looking for a theme for your baby shower, an adorable one is a “Little Cutie on the Way.” It is perfect for both a baby girl or boy and even gender neutral! It is such a fun and bright color palette. Here are some ideas on how to plan a Little Cutie on the Way baby shower!

Little Cutie on the Way Invitations

There are so many options for Little Cutie on the Way baby shower invitations. I included different types of invitations below that would be perfect for this baby shower theme.

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Little Cutie on the Way Welcome Sign

For my Little Cutie on the Way baby shower welcome sign, I ordered a template from Etsy that I was able to print at Staples. I found this to be the quickest and easiest option. When you purchase the template, you get it immediately sent to your email. And when you print at Staples, you can pick it up the same day or the next day! I also included the wooden easel I used that I got from Amazon.

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Little Cutie on the Way Seating Chart

We decided to DIY our seating chart and create little individual seating chart cards. My mom and sister found these cute little oranges online and added each person’s name and table number on the orange. They printed it on thicker paper, folded the paper and then cut it. By folding the paper, the card will be able to stand on its own. They came out so cute!

Little Cutie on the Way Backdrop

This is such a great affordable backdrop option for your baby shower! I ordered these backdrop stands from Etsy. One of them is 7ft tall and the second is 6ft tall. They also have a 5ft tall option if you wanted to get three stands or have smaller ones. The Etsy seller also had spandex backdrop covers for the stands so that made it easy to make sure the covers were the right measurements to fit the stand.

For the decal, I ordered a customized one on Etsy. If you are using a spandex cover, you have to get an iron-on decal. I ordered this iron-on decal, but told the seller to customize it to look like this to fit my theme. It was very simple to iron on! You leave the fabric cover on the stand and put it flat on the floor. Then, you place the decal how you want it, put parchment paper over it and then iron each letter for like 30 seconds until it sticks on the fabric.

Originally, I wanted a balloon arch for my backdrop, but I didn’t want to stress about putting balloons together so I decided to decorate it with flowers instead! I found these pretty flower arch bouquets on Amazon. I got them in orange and pink which is perfect for a Cutie on the Way baby girl shower. They also came with clips that easily clipped on to the stand.

To complete the backdrop, I added these Cutie on the Way themed baby blocks!

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Little Cutie on the Way Centerpieces

My mom put together these beautiful centerpieces. We went to Michael’s and found these vases and got a bunch of orange and pink flowers to create a bouquet. Unfortunately, I was unable to find the exact vase and flowers we used, but I found a similar vase linked below!

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Little Cutie on the Way Plate Setting

For each table place setting, we placed an advice card that my sister made and a cutie! I got these cute stickers from Etsy that we put on each cutie.

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Little Cutie on the Way Baby Shower Games

If you are wondering how many games to play at a baby shower, I think 3-4 games are the perfect amount. I included a bunch of different options below that you can download from Etsy.

We played three games at my baby shower. The first one was to guess how big my belly was. We got ribbon and everyone had to measure and cut a piece of ribbon to guess the size of my belly. It’s always fun to watch people’s strategies on how they guess! The second game was “How to Say Baby” in different languages. I love to travel so I had to incorporate a travel themed baby shower game! Guests had to match the word baby with the correct “baby” in different international languages. And the third game was “Mommy or Daddy”. We had different scenarios like “Who will change the most diapers” and guests had to guess if was me or Carl. This game was my favorite!

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Little Cutie on the Way Favors

There are so many different Cutie on the Way themed favor ideas. You can do orange scented candles, soaps, or moisturizers. Decorated sugar cookies are always such a cute favor too! For my baby shower favors, my sister found these flower bouquet magnets made with real dried flowers. We asked the seller to combine pink and orange flowers to go with my baby girl shower theme and they came out beautiful!

Little Cutie Themed Favor Ideas

Little Cutie on the Way Cake

I found this Cutie on the Way themed cake idea from Pinterest and thought it was so cute! Here are a few different cake topper options below:

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Little Cutie on the Way Thank you Cards

Once your beautiful Cutie on the Way shower is complete, it is time to order thank you cards for all the guests who showered your little bundle of joy! I included different types of thank you cards below that would be perfect for this baby shower theme.

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