How to Dress Up Boyfriend Jeans

How to Dress Up Boyfriend Jeans

Boyfriend jeans have become my favorite type of denim to wear. I mean, aren’t they just the best? With their loose fit, they are super comfy and versatile. Even though they are thought of as a more laid back and casual item, they are so much more than that! They can easily be dressed up too.

Some people may think styling boyfriend jeans are challenging, but I’m going to show you how easy it can be to dress them up. To add a more formal spin to your look, the trick is to add a touch of glam to make your outfit look feminine and well put together.

Add a feminine top like a silky sleek blouse or cute bodysuit to balance out the masculinity of the denim and show off your figure. You can also wear a fun colored v-neck sweater and tuck it in the front. Pair it with statement jewelry like a pretty necklace or tassel earrings. And you can’t forget about the heels! I also love rolling up my jeans to show my ankles to make my shoes pop. I love these Marc Fisher Caitlin Pumps that I got from DSW that are $60. They are the first pumps that I’ve bought that are actually comfortable and doesn’t hurt the back of my foot. They go great with anything and adds a nice girly touch to an outfit.

How do you like to style your boyfriend jeans?


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