How to Add a Pop of Color to an Outfit

How to Add a Pop of Color to an Outfit

Throughout the summer, I love wearing fun colorful outfits. It’s the perfect time to wear bold and bright colors that make an outfit stand out. What I love is that you don’t even need to match anymore. You can mix different patterns together and combine your outfits with different colors. I’m going to show you how to add a pop of color to an outfit by showing you two different fun looks I put together.

For my first look, I took a floral romper from Charlotte Russe. This romper has pink and red tones that are blended together. I wanted just my earrings to pop with this outfit so I paired the romper with my Forever 21 hot pink sandals to match the romper. When I want to choose earrings that pop with an outfit, I choose a color that is in a completely different color palette.

I thought this color wheel would be a super helpful guide to show you how to combine colors in an outfit. Colors next to each other look great together if you want a cohesive outfit that matches. Colors that are opposite each other are good to pair together if you want the colors to stand out.

Since my romper has pink and red, I wanted to avoid choosing earrings that are a similar shade of those colors. Since I want to make the earrings stand out, I avoided choosing the colors purple, pink, red, and orange. Colors like blue, yellow, and green are great contrasting colors that would pop when paired with pink and red.

The second outfit consists of my yellow ruffle off the shoulder crop top, floral pants, blue heels, and blue tassel earrings. The floral pants have a blend of different colors so I wanted my top, earrings, and shoes to bring out those colors. Instead of choosing one color, I decided to choose two contrasting colors – blue and yellow. I thought these two together really made the outfit more fun and colorful.

I hope you found this post helpful on how to add a pop of color to an outfit!


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