Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween Everyone!

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. I love everything about Halloween – dressing up, candy, haunted houses, etc. It is always so fun. But, the not-so-fun part about Halloween is spending so much money on a costume. I mean, you are most likely only going to wear it once because you will come up with a new costume idea for the following year.

Usually for Halloween, I would go to Party City or Spirit Halloween and buy a costume over $50 that I liked. And then after Halloween, I would put it in a box with all my other Halloween costumes. Then, I say to myself, next year I’m going to be creative (especially after looking up ideas on Pinterest) and not spend a ton of money. And yet again, the next year I will do the same thing lol.

This year I finally was creative! Carl and I decided to be Boo and Sully from Monster’s Inc, which I thought was a super cute couple costume. Each of our costumes were under $35. For my Boo costume, I bought a $4 pink shirt from AC Moore, $15 purple yoga leggings and a $10 black pigtail wig from Amazon. I also bought the pink hair-tie jumbo beads from the dollar store. The pig-tail wig was actually longer so I had to cut it way shorter. Aside from the wig and hair-ties, I will wear the pink shirt and leggings again. I made sure to get workout leggings so I can wear them to the gym. In total, my costume was only $29!

For the Sully costume, instead of buying an expensive onesie, we were creative in making our own Sully. We bought a white hoodie ($15), white sweatpants ($10), aquamarine dye ($3), and horns ($5) from Amazon. We dyed the white hoodie and sweatpants aquamarine and cut two holes in the hood to put the horns through. I bought eight sheets of purple felt from AC Moore for a total of $3 and cut different size spots to paste on the sweatsuit using a hot glue gun. In total, Carl’s costume was only $33. Even though Carl won’t be wearing an aquamarine sweatsuit in public (haha!), he can totally remove the spots and just wear this around the house or I can just steal it and wear it to sleep lol.

I loved that this year we rocked a DIY type of costume. Our costume was such a big hit! We got so many compliments. These photos aren’t the best quality since they were taken on my phone and in my house with poor lighting before we went out to a party, but I was excited to share our Halloween costumes with you guys. It was fun putting the costumes together and not just buying one directly from a store. I want to try to create more of our future costumes or try to put something together from items that we already have in our closets.

I linked similar items that we bought below.


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