Floral Dresses

If you follow me on Instagram, you will notice that I am always wearing floral patterns in the summer. I love it! Floral will always be my go-to print in the spring and summer. I love how each pattern is always unique and that you can always find different color combinations that make your outfit bright and colorful. You can never have too many floral patterns in your closet.

I love shopping for floral dresses at Charlotte Russe. My favorite time is when they put up their new spring/summer dress collection, especially the fact that they always carry XS. Each year, I’ll purchase dresses from there and wear them throughout the summer. And the good thing is that they never go out of style. I’m still wearing dresses I bought five years ago. Even though it’s fun shopping for new trendy pieces, it is also important to buy items that won’t go out of style. That is why I love floral print. I don’t think floral print will ever go out of style.

I bought this dress from Charlotte Russe years ago and I am still wearing it every summer. I love the floral print and how the material is light and breezy. Perfect for the hot weather. My favorite part of the dress is the mesh open back detail. It adds a unique look to the dress. This is the perfect daytime casual dress that can be worn with sandals or dressed up as a dinner dress that can be paired with heels or wedges.

Since I bought my dress years ago, it is no longer available, but I linked other pretty Charlotte Russe dresses that I really like that are under $30!

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