Floral Dress

Floral Dress

One of my favorite patterns to wear during the summer is floral. I believe it will always be an ongoing trend. It will never go out of style. This pattern is found everywhere. Floral pants, floral dresses, floral skirts, floral bikinis, floral sunnies…FLORAL. FLORAL. FLORAL. And nothing screams summer like a cute floral dress. It makes the outfit colorful, fun, and flirty and adds a sweet feminine charm.

I found this dress at Urban Outfitters and I liked it right away. The front of the dress is cute and classy and the back has a subtle backless look to it that reveals just enough skin to make it look sexy at the same time. Such a great balance!

I loved the way it fit too! It is the type of flattering dress that is fitting on the top to show just a little bit of your figure and is loose towards the bottom. This dress makes me just want to twirl since it is so flowy. I also really liked the colors and pattern since it can work well in the summer and fall. You can wear it with wedges or keep it casual with sandals. I also like to keep my accessories simple with floral patterns since I want the floral to do all the talking. This is the perfect look for a summer day.

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