DIY Boo and Sully Costume for Couples

DIY Boo and Sully Costume for Couples

If you are looking for a fun DIY Halloween costume idea for couples, Boo and Sully can be a super cute costume idea! I think it’s a fun couple costume especially if you love the movie Monster’s Inc. It’s super affordable, comfy and easy to make. I will be sharing all the details on how to DIY a Boo and Sully costume for couples.

Boo Halloween Costume Details

To create a Boo Halloween costume, you need an oversized pink t-shirt, purple leggings, a black pigtail wig (optional), pink hair-tie jumbo beads, and white sneakers. If you buy a black pig tail wig, you might need to cut the bangs and length of the hair for it to look like Boo.

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Sully Halloween Costume Details

For the Sully costume, instead of buying an expensive onesie, we were creative in making our own Sully costume. We bought a white hoodie, white sweatpants, aquamarine dye, and horns. We dyed the white hoodie and sweatpants aquamarine and cut two holes in the hood to put the horns through. I bought eight sheets of purple felt and cut different size spots to paste on the sweat suit using a hot glue gun.

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Hope this DIY Boo and Sully costume post was super helpful! I loved that this year we rocked a DIY type of costume. It was fun putting the costumes together and not just buying one directly from a store. Our costume was such a big hit! We got so many compliments. These photos aren’t the best quality since they were taken on my phone and in my house with poor lighting before we went out to a party, but I was excited to share our Halloween costumes with you guys.


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