Christmas PJs

Christmas PJs

Ugly Christmas sweaters need to watch out because now it’s all about the matching Christmas PJs. It’s the new holiday trend. As dorky as it sounds, it’s so fun to wear matching Christmas PJs. It adds such a special touch to the holidays.

There’s so many different types of matching PJs. There are ones where you can match with your family, significant other, and even your dog! It is a fun way to bring everyone together. It is also a great idea for a holiday card that can be super funny or really cute.

I wanted to be cute and cheesy this year so I forced my boyfriend to wear matching Christmas PJs with me haha! Deep down I know he thinks it’s cute lol. Our pajamas say “Stop Elfing Around,” which I think is adorable. I hope to make wearing matching pajamas a new Christmas tradition.

I found these on Amazon for under $25. They are also at Macy’s for the same price, which I have linked below. I also linked other cute and funny ones below. Have you guys ever worn matching pajamas with your family?


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